Field trips

Field trips

All field trips will be on April 27, except Field trip 2 which is a 3-days (27-29 April) excursion. You may choose only one option!

  • Field trip 1
    Hydrocarbon reservoir rocks and oil production in Northern Hungary
    hydrocarbon geology field trip – all-day
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  • Field trip 2
    Epithermal system and ore potential of NE-Hungary
    ore geology field trip – 3 days
    Number of participiants is limited.
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  • Field trip 3
    Miocene volcanism, landscape evolution and zeolite mineralization in the Visegrád Mts
    volcanology field trip, "zeolite hunting" – all-day 
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  • Field trip 4
    From pelagic carbonates to dinosaur skeletons: Mesozoic evolution of the Transdanubian Central Range

    paleontological-sedimentological  field trip – all-day
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  • Field trip 5
    Jump from the Triassic into the Eocene: field trip in Budapest
    geological city tour, cave tour
    – all-day
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