New workshop: Luminescence dating

Dear Participants,

The registration for the Luminescent dating workshop opens today. Please register using online form.

Location: Luminescence dating laboratory Eötvös University, Faculty of Science, Department of Physical Geography

Lecturer: Ágnes Novothny, PhD – Postdoctoral resercher, Eötvös University, Faculty of Science, Department of Physical Geography

Format: Oral presentation and laboratory visiting

Number of participants: 20

Contact and further info: isgc2014@gmail.com

Description: Luminescence dating is one of the most effective absolute dating methods, having age limits between few years and several 100 000 years. Therefore, it is ideal for dating Middle and Late Quaternary deposits. Luminescence dating uses the most common constituent minerals of the sediments: quartz and feldspars. These minerals are acting as natural radiation dosimeters. The luminescence workshop will consist of a presentation and a laboratory visit. The presentation will provide an introduction to the principles of luminescence dating and expound some case studies to get better understanding of the application of the method. During the laboratory visit, the participants will have possibility to get an insight into the preparation methods and the process of the luminescence measurements.


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