Saturday, April 26, 2014

Programme Room "B"


Remote Sensing and GIS Applications (S10)
9.45-10.00 K. Getinger Detection of Gossans in Sonora (Mexico) with the Use of Remote Sensing Techniques
10.00-10.15 E. Bartakovics, Zs. Koma, B. Székely, G. Timár Construction and analysis of a 3D geological model by using voxelization for the Little Hungarian Plain
10.15-10.30 Zs. Koma, B. Székely, P. Dorninger, S. Rasztovits, A. Roncat, A. Zámolyi, D. Krawczyk, N. Pfeifer Geological and geomorphological analysis of Doren Landslide (Vorarlberg, Austria) based on high resolution UAV and TLS DTM

COFFEE BREAK (10.30-10.50)

Paleontology and stratigraphy (S2)
10.50-11.05 M. Bošnjak, B. Karaica, J. Sremac, D. Vrsaljko, V. Hajek–Tadesse, A. Gruber, S. Jeftinić, N. Posedi Middle Miocene fossil assemblages and environments in the wider area of Veternica cave (SW Medvednica Mt., NW Croatia)
11.05-11.20 J. Król Low energy coral bioconstructions from the Upper Eocene–Lower Oligocene of the Transylvanian Basin
11.20-11.35 S. Mare The Paleocene assemblages of agglutinated foraminifera from deep-water deposits of the northern Tarcău Nappe (Eastern Carpathians, Romania)
11.35-11.50 R. H. Damaziak Biostratigraphy and paleoecology of the Upper Cretaceous – Lower Paleogene deposits of the Skole Unit of the Polish Outer Carpathians based on foraminiferal assemblages
11.50-12.05 S. D. Dumitriu Considerations regarding the variability, ecology and 
paleoecology of the species Cycloforina cristata (Millett)
12.05-12.20 I. Kosenko The isotopic composition of carbon and oxygen in the oysters shells from the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary strata from Maurynia River (Western Siberia)

LUNCH BREAK (12.20-13.20)

POSTER SESSION (13.20-14.30)

Sedimentology and structural geology (S3)

Supported by MOL & AAPG

14.30-14.45 R. Brajković, B. Rožič Sedimentology of the end-Cretaceous flysch sediments in the SE part of Slovenia
14.45-15.00 J. Zygmunt The Petrography And Sedimentology Of Lower Triassic Silicoclastic Sediments In Giewont Unit, Tatra Mts
15.00-15.15 K. Salamon Silicification of the Upper Jurassic (Oxfordian) deposits of Kraków area
15.15-15.30 N. Kurdina Features of Lower Triassic reservoir rocks of Vilyuy syncline (Eastern Siberia)
15.30-15.45 D. Szot Diversity of foraminifera in turbidite-interturbidite sequences from the selected deposits of the Siary Subunit, Magura Nappe (Polish Outer Carpathians)
15.45-16.00 M. Sečanj, I. Gudac Geological exploration in the area of Zeleni vir (Green Whirlpool) and Vražji prolaz (Devil’s Passage) (Skrad, Croatia)

COFFEE BREAK (16.00-16.20)

Sedimentology and structural geology (S3)

Supported by MOL & AAPG

16.20-16.35 D. Šolaja Structural analysis of neotectonic activity in the Lonja-Ilova basin between Daruvar and Kutina (North Croatia)
16.35-16.50 M. Vasily, P. Vladislav, N. Rashit , P. Valery Host rock elastic parameters and their relationships with ore location at the uranium deposit in granites
16.50-17.05 S. Ustinov, V. Petrov, V. Poluektov Deformation stages in granitoids of uranium deposit: 
reconstruction on the basis of special technique of microstructural analysis

CLOSING CEREMONY (18.00-19.00)