Saturday, April 26, 2014

Programme Room "C"


Hydrogeology and engineering geology (S6)

Sponsored by ECHN

9.00-9.15 V. Balogh , Sz. Simon, M. Biró Groundwater dependent ecosystems in the Duna Valley
9.15-9.30 P. Bodor, V. Lovrity, A. Erőss Evaluation of temporal variation of the discharge and physicochemical parameters of Boltív Spring (Budapest, Hungary)
9.30-9.45 D. Nešković

Autonomous local water supply systems for remote settlements - Municipality of Ruma (Serbia)

9.45-10.00 T. Garamhegyi, J. Mádl-Szőnyi, F. Székely Analytical and numerical evaluation of pumping test data in carbonate aquifers of the Buda Thermal Karst, Hungary
10.00-10.15 J. Popović Distribution of nitrates in the groundwater of Svilajnac
10.15-10.30 H. Vostic Water quality of the upper flow of the river Kolubara

COFFEE BREAK (10.30-10.50) powered by ECHN

Hydrocarbon research and exploration (S5)

Sponsored by MOL & AAPG

10.50-11.05 M. Molnár, B. Gellért, Gy. Pogácsás, Á. Bárány Study of Late Miocene-Early Pliocene evolution of the Dráva Basin, based on spectral decomposition and well log correlation
11.05-11.20 D. Pinter Making and using cross-spread domains in 3D seismic processing
11.20-11.35 D. Micsinai, Gy. Juhász, Gy. Pogácsás Seismic interpretation of Neogene sediments; Jászság Basin, Hungary
11.35-11.50 A. N. Butt, N. H. Mondol Effects of exhumation in the hydrocarbon exploration of the Snøhvit Field, Hammerfest Basin, Norwegian Barents Sea
11.50-12.05 P. András, A. Aplin, N. Goulty, S. Jones Chemical compaction of overpressured shales
12.05-12.20 J. Rosek, M. Rospondek Organic geochemistry of potential source rocks for shale gas from selected sections of Silurian from Northern Poland

LUNCH BREAK (12.20-13.20)

POSTER SESSION (13.20-14.30)

Economic geology and mineral resources (S4)

Sponsored by SEG

14.30-14.45 L. Magyar, I. Márton, E. Tóth, T. Weiszburg Gold in "brown mud"
14.45-15.00 V. Mozgai, G. Dobosi, Á. Takács Re-examination of the historical ore samples from the Au-Ag-Pb-Zn epithermal mineralisation around Parádfürdő, Recsk Ore Complex (NE-Hungary)
15.00-15.15 I. Fantone, G. Grieco, A. Strini Compositional zoning in pyrite as a tool for reconstructing the ore ore-forming processes: an example from the abandoned Fe-Cu sulfide mine of Herin (Aosta Valley, Italy)
15.15-15.30 Zs. Kapui, G. B. Kiss, G. Garuti, F. Zaccarini Fluid inclusion study of the Reppia VMS deposit in the northern Apennine ophiolites, Italy
15.30-15.45 J. Kołodziejczyk Possible use of geophysical methods for Pb-Zn deposits prospection in Kosovo
15.45-16.00 V. Wertich Cathodoluminescence textures of hydrothermal vein quartz from the Mokrsko gold deposit, Czech Republic

COFFEE BREAK (16.00-16.20)

Economic geology and mineral resources (S4)

Sponsored by SEG

16.20-16.35 A. Dabrowski Lithological detachment surfaces in a German potash mine – an interdisciplinary approach to minimize a longtime safety issue
16.35-16.50 A. Engler Tectonics in salt deposits – a challenge in exploration and mining
16.50-17.05 D. Šmajgl, L. A. Palinkaš, D. Mavrić, V. Bermanec Supergene Processes in the Copper Mineralization at the Kraljičin Zdenac on the Medvednica Mt.
17.05-17.20 T. Drozd Colour flints of Ukraine

CLOSING CEREMONY (18.00-19.00)